Covid 19 Update

After a break of about four months I'm back on the road! In this post I'd like to highlight the measures I have already undertook, and will continue to undertake, to keep myself and my customers as safe as is possible from Covid 19 infection while receiving driving tuition. The lengths I have gone to are considerable...

  1. Your temperature will be checked by contact-free thermometer before each lesson.

  2. Face coverings must be worn on lessons. A face mask will be provided if you do not bring your own.

  3. Disposable vinyl gloves are available if you wish to wear them.

  4. Hand sanitiser is supplied, which must be used before entering the car and then as often as you wish.

  5. Disposable seat covers will be used and replaced before each lesson.

  6. I have increased the time between lessons to allow adequate time for sanitisation of all touchable surfaces.

  7. Wind deflectors have been fitted to improve ventilation whilst reducing air buffeting in the cabin.

  8. I regularly use a chemical fogging machine to disinfect the interior of the car, killing bacteria, viruses and fungal spores.

  9. A dedicated clean area is provided for storage of customer possessions during lessons.

  10. Contact payment facilities have been installed in the car. Please do not bring cash.

In light of the measures I have taken, I would respectfully ask my customers to do the following...