I would highly recommend Steve. He is very patient and uses various methods of teaching, so if one doesn't work, he will find an alternative to suit you. I had no confidence when I first started learning to drive and struggled a lot picking it up. He has taught me the skills that helped me pass my test first time, something I don't feel I would have done with another instructor. Thank you! 

Catherine Wakefield

Steve is an outstanding instructor who keeps you very calm and is very reassuring. He really goes that extra mile to help by providing alot of support as well as resources to help through the theory and practical exams. I would never have passed without Steve and honestly can't thank him enough. And passing first time round was just the icing on the cake. Big thank you again Steve.

Dan Green

Really good experience with Steve.
He is extremely professional and a very good teacher who made me feel comfortable and I have no problem driving now and believe myself to be a good, safe driver and very comfortable with driving myself alone now. Recommend highly.

Madhusuya Thayaparan

Excellent instructor! Very patient, having been previously with an impatient driving instructor and being put off driving for 2 years he definitely brought back my love for driving! Highly recommend! I will be telling all my friends for definite.  Thank you,  Steve Paddy, for helping me pass!!

Charlotte Lewis

Well, it was a challenge for both of us 😂 but I finally passed my test! After a few instructors before Steve I was ready for giving up but Steve gave me back my confidence in driving, made the things I'd been struggling with much easier and was very supportive. Explained things very well and put me at ease. I cannot recommend him enough. Thanks again Steve!

Kirsti Foulkes

Calm, and patient instructor, and very good at teaching. Will definitely recommend.

Ethel Ibinabo Threlfall

Steve Paddy helped me learn to drive and confidently pass my practical test in first attempt. Steve does not provide lessons to become rich by charging fees. He has a passion to teach each one of us. Steve teaches you legally how to drive safely, provides you feedback regularly, make you practice what he thought and then checks if you have practised in his next lesson. In short a man that thinks constantly by focusing on your areas of improvement till you drive correctly. I would highly recommend Steve Paddy as he is an excellent instructor and is has oceans of experience in his driving coaching field.

Khalid Mohammed

Thanks Steve for getting me through my driving lessons and test I will highly recommend you to all my friends and family X

Michelle Cartwright

Steve is by far the best instructor I have ever had and at the age of 44 I've had quite a few driving instructors!! But this is the first time I have ever looked forward to my lessons .... Thanks Steve :0)

Lorraine Taylor

I cannot rate the Steve Paddy driving school highly enough! Steve is an incredibly patient and experienced instructor who tailored my driving lessons to suit my learning style. Thanks to Steve I gained the skills and confidence I needed to safely pass my test first time. I can’t imagine a better or more supportive instructor. Thanks again Steve!

Eleanor Hedge

Steve was great at teaching me to drive, he had many ways of explaining something if I didn't quite understand and really focussed on certain areas in order to improve my driving. He takes what you want to cover in the lesson into account and is always very punctual. He was good at creating a stress-free environment to drive in and I felt safe at all times. Would definitely recommend to anyone :)

Nicole Aubury

Steve was really good at teaching me to drive...He is very patient, and will always give you help even on your theory if needed. it was great learning with him over the months and would recommend his driving school to anyone. He is also very easy to talk to and full of conversation which I found very helpful. Overall a brilliant instructor.

Martin Graves

Steve is one of the best instructors. He is very patient and experienced to find out areas of improvement in your driving. His explicit tips and simplified way of explanation helps a lot. His target is not just to get you through the test, but to make you a better and safer driver out there. Would highly recommend to anybody. Thanks a lot Steve.

Shaji Ramkrishnan

Steve was a fantastic driving instructor – professional, patient and supportive all the way trough my learning journey! His ability to stay focused one hundred percent and constructive criticism has helped me both gain confidence and pass my driving test first time. I would highly recommend Steve to anyone who is considering driving lessons!

Vasya Boyadzhieva

Many thanks to Steve for improving my driving skills. Certainly one of best instructors. Very Patient, dedicated and supportive. Will definitely recommend to anyone. Thanks again..

Nik Rai

I would very much like to thank Steve for teaching me to drive. I have previously been with 4 other driving instructors who took the mick and messed about. Steve was very straight forward and honest with me. I had never felt so comfortable yet challenged by a driving instructor before which led to me passing with 2 minors. After many previous attempts and a lot of money I finally found an honest and great instructor - and my younger brother is now having lessons with him and loving it!

Claire Jones

Passed first time with Steve, excellent for first time learners or switching from another instructor. Very easy going and a top man. Helped break down the various driving techniques, explained and showed them in such an easy to understand way i picked up the necessary skills straight from the off, I couldn't recommend him more.

Patrick Gilford

He was always professional, never answered his phone during the lessons and managed to bring a bit of fun to sometimes not an easy lesson. I feel he was honest in his judgment of my progress and readiness for the test - hence why I've passed first time! Thank you Steve! Definetly would recommend Steve's school to anyone who wants to learn to drive.

Magda Wolynska

After struggling to get to grips with driving for a number of years, I finally came across Steve Paddy. He was a patient instructor, who made me feel at ease and was very helpful... I honestly don't know if I could have passed without him!

Lisa Buckley

Friendly, reliable and enjoyable. Made learning to drive seem easy.

James McDermott

Great driving instructor would recommend to anyone

Craig Mackin

Excellent instructor - helped me in getting a first time pass. Pleasure learning with Steve, fun & efficient.

Jade Goddard

Steve Paddy is an excellent teacher, I'm very happy that I passed first time and I would definitely recommend him.

Jake Channell

Very patient instructor. I will recommend Steve Paddy Driving School to my friends! Thank you, Steve. Iwona :)

Iwona Zawiasa

A great instructor! He was patient, very friendly and really explained clearly what I needed to do to pass and to be a better driver. He was very supportive and I passed first first time. Would highly recommend him. Thank you so much!

Jess Wiles

Absolutely fantastic instructor, pushed me when i needed it, encouraged my progress all the way. Best instructor I had and he got me my pass on the first attempt. Greatest thanks go out to Steve. I'd recommend him to anybody wanting to learn.

Sam Wilson

I would like to thank you for all your help. You made me feel relaxed on the big day. Thank you.

Neal Moffatt

I would just like to say thank you for all the hard work you have put into helping me pass my test. It's been a pleasure having you as my driving instructor and would highly recommend you to friends and family.

Ellen Buckley

Steve was an excellent instructor. Felt I was always learning, safe, and at a good pace. Thanks to Steve I passed first time in less than 2 months. Definitely recommend him!

Callum McEwen

After failing twice with another instructor, Steve put me at ease. He is really friendly and a brilliant teacher, I will recommend him to anyone who is looking to learn.

Keely Bigland

Steve was an excellent instructor - he was very patient and really helped improve my driving skills…and made driving a totally stress-free experience. Fully recommended!

Helen Shaw

I cannot rate Steve Paddy highly enough! After numerous driving instructors and failed tests, Steve taught me the skills (as well as gave me the confidence!) to pass with only 3 minor faults! I will definitely be sticking with Steve for my Pass Plus!!!

Emma Kelly

Thank you so much, Steve, for helping me pass my test first time (again!) Your patience, kindness, tolerance and general all-around 'coolness' was so appreciated in helping me build the confidence I needed to drive again. Best driving instructor ever!!!

Julie Verne

If you want to be a safe, confident and efficient driver then I highly recommend Steve, he's an absolute credit to the industry. It was imperative that I passed my test to pursue my career in community nursing so I don't think it's too dramatic to say that Steve has certainly changed my life and has open up a lot of opportunities for me! I will be sure to carry on my pass plus with Steve. Thank you so much, I couldn't recommend Steve highly enough, absolute legend!!!!!

Emma Louise Bartley

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